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by Janna Coumoundouros



First Impression

Photographs are the very first thing that a potential buyer will see and are so important! If you were shopping online for a car and you saw mediocre photos, or worse camera phone photos, you would filter through and pass on by.  So why would you treat a home that way?


High quality photos not only make your listing stand out but also makes your listing and YOU look more professional.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if your photos are decent, do you know how to properly embed keywords into the image to help with google searches and set your listing higher in the list? Janna has worked for a web marketing firm and uses that knowledge in every single photograph. Each image is properly embedded with keywords such as your name, your real estate company, highlights of the homes, and anything that a potential buyer may search for. 


Janna has been shooting real estate for almost 21 years and has perfected the lighting balance between natural light and high end editing techniques. She shoots with professional equipment and delivers the images perfectly sized for MLS listing and offers large format files when needed. Her attention to detail while shooting and also in post editing is one of the things agents appreciate about her. She also shoots quickly and delivers images by the very next morning. It's easy to schedule a shoot via text or email and sometimes it's possible to schedule a shoot the very next day. 


Pricing starts at only $150 for up to 2000 square feet in the Royal Oak area and goes up from there depending on location and size of the home. The price includes images sized for the MLS,  delivered via a website where you can download them all at once, share with your clients, with a clean link for videos for the MLS and social networks. After the home sells, a shopping cart can be turned on so you can purchase gifts with images on them for your clients as a thank you. Larger sized images are available upon request for marketing and brochures. 




Sized perfectly for the MLS but large resolution stills available by request if needed for print ads.

Up to 1700 sq ft $150

1700-2200 sq ft $170

Up to 3000 sq ft $190

Up to 4000 sq ft $230

Up to 5000 sq ft $280

Up to 6000 sq ft $330

Up to 7000 sq ft $370

Up to 8000 sq ft $410

Up to 10000 sq ft $600

Exteriors only $100

Additional distance fee of $10-20 added for shoots over 20 minutes away from the Birmingham area.

Examples HERE

Video walk through of your listing for $200+. The end result is a beautifully edited one and a half minute- 3 minute video. This is for an average sized home in the Birmingham area. Larger houses are a bit more, depending on the size.

Up to 2000 sq ft $200 

Up to 3000 sq ft $250

Up to 4000 sq ft $350

Up to 5000 sq ft $400

Up to 6000 sq ft $500

Up to 7000 sq ft $600

Up to 8000 sq ft $700

Examples HERE

An animated virtual tour made from still photos. Only $25 for a snappy virtual tour with all the fixings! Comes with a link and video file. 

Example HERE

Have a vacant home that could use some staging? Virtual staging is $35 an image. Use photos I've already shot or send me your shots you've taken. 

Examples HERE


Twilight photoshoots are $120 and must be scheduled on a day with minimal clouds. High resolution photo of the front or back of the home is created using mulitiple exposures and fully edited in photoshop. We never use Photomatrix or LR Enfuse, all editing is manually blended in Photoshop to make it perfect. 

Fake twilight shots are available for $40. Not as good as the real thing but still beautiful!

Example HERE


Stills $175

Stills + video $225

Weekend appointments are sometimes available for a $20 surcharge. 


How long does it take to shoot my property?

On average it takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the home. If everything is shoot ready and staged, it takes less time.

How long does it take to get the images?

They are delivered via email by the next morning, sometimes even sooner.

What is your photography style?

Janna has her BFA in Photography from U of M as well as years of experience. She has been working in real estate for over 21 years and knows many tricks and angles that help sell a home. Lighting is easily the most important aspect of photography and she uses just the right balance between natural light and composite editing. Each and every photograph is properly edited and color balanced. A beautiful blue sky is added to ALL exteriors.

What if I need to cancel?

Rescheduling requests made by the client within 24 hours of the appointment time may be subject to a rescheduling fee.  If we need to reschedule due to weather or the prospect of less than ideal shooting conditions, we will offer next available open appointment time at no penalty to the client.

Do I have copyrights to the photos once I have paid?

No, Lilacpop Studio retains the copyrights as is standard practice in the photography industry.  You purchase a a single use, non-transferable, non-exclusive image license. Usage rights are granted to the primary listing agent for the duration of their active listing contract. Photos/Media may be used by the primary listing agent to market & sell the subject property in a customary manner. If a third party is interested in the images they must contact Lilacpop Studio directly at 

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