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What other services do we provide?

Lilacpop Studio is a full service photographic studio located in Ferndale, MI. We shoot headshots and can do them in our studio. We also shoot portraits, both families and senior photos. We shoot commercial photography, event photography, and fashion.

How do we determine rates?

With ten simple questions answered, Lilacpop Studio can better determine the full scope of the project and provide you with an acurate quote and timeframe for your photography project.

1. What are the pictures for and how will they be used? ie. website, printed materials, advertising, video etc. What is the distribution size?

2. Will the shoot need to be done on a specific date and/or time? If so when?

3. What is the final deadline for this project?

4. Will post production or digital manipulation of the photos be required?

5. Will your staff and/or professional models be included in the photos? If so, how many?

6. Are there any special resolution or file format requirements?

7. What is the location for the shoot? Indoors, Outdoors, Studio etc.

8. Do you prefer to have the photos distributed digitally or do you want to have prints made?

9. Do you have a fixed budget for this project?

10. What are the creative goals and objectives for this project? ie. creative brief, marketing strategy etc.

Notes on Travel and Hourly Pricing:

Travel Expenses

Travel time is billable time. It is usually included in the cost of the quote, however in some circumstances -- where the destination of the job is outside of the Birmingham/Royal Oak area -- an additional fee will normally be charged.

Hourly Rate for Overtime

Rarely a project takes longer than expected. In situations where the photographer is asked to do additional work that is outside of the quoted time/deliverables, the photographer will charge an hourly fee of $150/h. Extra fees are never charged without first notifying and gaining permission from the client to proceed.

Retouching & Post-production

Digital Retouching (includes coloring, dust removal, contrast etc.) - $125/h

Print Pricing

If prints are desired, they are printed onto gorgeous metallic paper.

4x6 $20

5x7 $25

8x10 $40

11x14 $70

16x20 $150

20x30 $200

Larger sizes also available.

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