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Maker's Story: Lilacpop Studio Brass Stamped Bracelets

I always love to see how people make things so I decided to shoot a video while I made my latest cuff bracelet.

It starts with plain old, bright and shiny brass. I cut it, put holes in it, and sand the edges. Next I take a piece of silver metal and stamp it in my vintage stamping machine. I use copper rivets and tap it into place. Then I shape the metal into a comfortable cuff. My favorite part is next: dipping it in chemicals to give it that nice antique finish! A little buffing is next then I treat it with a wax for metal that seals it all in and prevents rust. I add the chain to it and it's done!

These are available at Yellow Door Art Market in downtown Berkley, Metro D at the Village of Rochester Hills mall, online in my shop, and at my studio. Contact me if you would like to purchase one. I also offer custom stamping.

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